Municipal Law and Procedure Manual CoverTexas Municipal Law and Procedure Manual
by attorney Alan Bojorquez

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2022 seventh edition, Hardcover three-ring binder; dimensions (in inches): 3" x 11.5" x 11.5"

Sixth edition no longer available for purchase. Please replace your sixth edition with the seventh edition to remain current with legal references.

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About the Texas Municipal Law and Procedure Manual

An Invaluable Resource

As a Texas city mayor, administrator, municipal clerk, attorney, finance director, risk manager, human resource director, police chief, or council member, have you ever faced one of the following questions?
If so, you need the Texas Municipal Law and Procedure Manual!

What steps can you take to reduce your city's exposure to litigation?
What are your responsibilities in the budgeting process?
What procedure should be followed before hiring or firing an employee?
How should the Planning and Zoning Board operate?
What are the duties of the Board of Adjustment?
How do you comply with Open Records regulations?
What municipal records should be kept?
How does the Voting Rights Act apply to your city?
What bonds are required for a public works contract?
What happens when a Council member resigns?
How do you comply with the Open Meetings Act?
Can the Mayor vote?
What checks and balances should you have on money paid for fees and fines?
When can you hold a closed or executive meeting of City Council?


New and amended statutes, recent cases, and attorney general opinions affecting municipalities.

Hard copy version: An annual supplement and 3-ring binder format keeps your manual current without pocket parts. When you purchase the hard copy version of the Texas Municipal Law and Procedure Manual, you will receive automatic annual supplements with an invoice.

Annual online subscription version: Access to the latest content of the Texas Municipal Law and Procedure Manual online.

Saves Time

Practical, easy to use. Written specifically for the Texas municipal official by a Texas attorney. Contains practical advice and forms needed in the daily administration of a municipality.


Includes duties, responsibilities and authority of mayor, governing body members, city secretary, finance director, municipal judge, human resource director, and boards and commissions members.

The Only Legal Manual of its Kind

No other publication in Texas provides such in-depth, practical information on such a broad variety of municipal subjects.

“I can’t imagine the resource library in any city hall being complete without the Texas Municipal Law and Procedure Manual. All of our city departments, including the Legal Department, use the manual as a handy guide for answers to questions that arise every day during the regular course of business serving the citizens of our community.” Mary Lynne Stratta, TRMC, City Secretary, City of Bryan

“The Manual is an excellent reference for city secretaries and other city officials. The major municipal topics are concisely and effectively summarized in the manual, and it is frequently the ‘go-to’ source for municipal law questions.” Scott Houston, Risk Management, Texas Municipal League

“It is a first-rate tutorial and handbook, saving me lots of time on training new employees.” Michelle Fischer, City Administrator, City of Dripping Springs


Table of Contents, Seventh Edition

Title I. Administration
Chapter 1: Government Formation
Chapter 2: Vacancies and Elections
Chapter 3: Ordinances, Resolutions, and Proclamations
Chapter 4: Ethics
Chapter 5: Human Resources
Chapter 6: Litigation

Title II. Open Government
Chapter 7: Conducting Meetings
Chapter 8: Open Meetings
Chapter 9: Open Records
Chapter 10: Records Retention

Title III. Finances
Chapter 11: Budgets and Finances
Chapter 12: Revenue and Debt
Chapter 13: Purchasing and Construction
Chapter 14: Property – Real and Personal
Chapter 15: Economic Development

Title IV. Code Enforcement
Chapter 16: Code Officials and Civil Tribunals
Chapter 17: Municipal Courts
Chapter 18: Health and Safety

Title V. Land Use
Chapter 19: Annexation & ETJ
Chapter 20: Building Codes
Chapter 21: Signs
Chapter 22: Subdivisions
Chapter 23: Zoning
Chapter 24: Grandfathering
Chapter 25: Board of Adjustment

Title VI. Public Safety
Chapter 26: Public Safety Departments
Chapter 27: Animal Control

Title VII. Public Works
Chapter 28: Parks
Chapter 29: Transportation
Chapter 30: Utilities
Chapter 31: Special Districts

About the Author

Alan Bojorquez HeadshotAlan J. Bojorquez is a noted municipal lawyer in Texas. Through the Bojorquez Law Firm, PC, Alan serves as City Attorney or Special Counsel for general-law and home-rule municipalities across the state. Before going into private practice, he was a staff attorney for the Texas Municipal League. Alan graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Arts in English, Master of Public Administration, and Doctor of Jurisprudence. He is on the Board of Directors of the Texas City Attorneys Association and the International Municipal Lawyers Association.